Friday, April 16, 2010

Simple wrap skirt for Sweetpeazier

As I was checking the blogs I follow, I found a simple wrap skirt from Prudent Baby. I have been wanting to my Sweetpeazier a skirt from a baby crib skirt all week but did not know what to make. Earlier this week, I separated the skirt into the original five pieces: 2 short, 2 long, and the center. I made two gifts, which I will post pictures later after they have received them. One side I will use for little things such as baby shoes, embroidering, mending...
This is what I made today. I started off by cutting one on the long sides in half because it would be to long otherwise. I hemmed the cut side, then added the bias tape to the top. Sweetpeazier loves it.

1 comment:

  1. ¡Qué linda te ha quedado! Yo voy a intentar hacerla mañana!
    Saludos cariñosos desde Chile.