Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Shirts...

Over the past week, I have made three shirts however one I messed up the sleeves. About a month ago, I was subbing at the local middle school when I over heard two girls talking about wanting to get some bloomers for their history project. I told them I could make them, that was on a Friday. The following Saturday was the local competition. That week, I made two sets of bloomers and two skirts. I hope to have pictures of these soon. The girls made it to the regional competition and now needed shirts to complete their outfits. I went online to a website,, and found JJ#6009 pattern. A good deal of the patterns on this site are free. Here are the results of two of the three shirts. A lady here, made buttonholes and attached the buttons with her machine. I really like this pattern. I will probably make me a couple.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog Bed

Yesterday, we got a brand new little puppy therefore I wanted to make him his own space. In about an hour, I cut and sewed a very simple doggie bed. A couple of months ago, I purchased the book called "One Yard Wonders." In the book, there is a cute and simple pattern for a doggie bed. I made it out of canvas because I do not know how long it will last with an 8 week old puppy. Once he is bigger, I plan on making him a cuter one.

Picture soon to come.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Baby Gift

One of my husband's friend's little girl had a very handsome little boy a few months ago. I wanted to make a special gift for him because his mamma has a very special place in our hearts. I talked with her to get some ideas for what to make. I believe it turned out really cute. The bib is reversible. The other side is the same material as the shirt.

Latte Changing Pad

One of my friends here, had three baby showers in three weeks to attend. She had three pre-quilted baby blankets for me to add trim to. She also wanted something else, therefore, I made her three Latte Changing Pads from an amazing book called "One Yard Wonders." I love this book. Here are a couple of pictures of one the Latte Changing Pads but they are not the greatest because they are with a cell phone because our camera died.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


In 2004, my beautiful sweetpeaizer asked to be Smokey Bear for Halloween. I did not know where to get one for a two year but I know I could make one if I changed a pattern. The boss man was big enough to wear it in 2009. Also, in 2009, sweetpeaizer wanted to be a fairy. All the flowers were hand-sewn on. I loved being able to make them cute and unique costumes for Halloween.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last year, my Dad's side of the family was very blessed with a handsome set of twin boys and a beautiful little girl. I looked on the Internet for some cute ideas and found at two different pairs of shoes, a kimono pattern, a bib pattern, and a simple hat pattern. Here are my creations...

For the boys... Their Dad (my cousin) played baseball from grade school, through college, and semi pro. I had some vintage material, that I inherited from my late grandmother, that resembles baseball pants. Their Mom graduate from University of AL and is a HUGE fan. I also made a set of hats and hand-sewn two sets of booties for each little boy. Here is what I sent.

I altered the pattern for more of a "boy look".

The bibs are reversible, one side is denim with the Letter A in crimson and the other side is a baseball diamond the the first letter of the baby's name.

I changed the buttons to a baseball bat, glove, and ball instead of teddy bears.

For the little girl, both parents are bike riders. I made the same thing for her but instead of boots, I made cute little slippers.

I hand embroidered a bike on one side and the other side of the bib matches the kimono.

I hand embroidered the letter H on one side and the other side of the bib matches the kimono.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Years Easter Outfits...

I do not think I will have much time to make Easter outfits for the kids this year but here is last years. We were heading to my cousin's wedding not long after Easter therefore I wanted to make something really special. I made matching outfits with hand embroidered Easter motif.

Another Blog...

I am starting this blog because since starting the other one, I have been inspired by many many other sites to really start sewing more. I love to sew. I am wanting to share with you all of my sewing projects. I hope you enjoy.