Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colby Riley Designs on Facebook

A couple of weeks ago, I talked to a fellow sewing friend about selling online. She stated that she got more request from FB than anywhere therefore I started a page. I will be selling items there as well as Etsy.

Click on the following links to check out both places.

Colby Riley Designs on FB

Colby Riley Designs on Etsy


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pillow Case Dress

I made several of these this summer because they are quick and super easy to make. I used Handmade Home as a guide but changed the patter a little. I had to cut a great deal off the top and used it for a baby shower gift (see Baby Shower Gift post).

I like to make these because I can get a pillow case for less than a dollar at local thrift stores. The bias tape cost more than the pillow case.

This pillow case was originally a really light pink with a stain on it. I dyed it denim blue. Sweetpeaizer LOVES it! I will add pictures of the others when I take them.

One Yard Wonder

I bought this book last winter and I LOVE it! I made all of these dress from one yard of material. The three that are the same pattern are super simple to make. Sweetpeaizer will be getting another one soon made out of fall material. All the trims are things I already had and the buttons are antique ones that a friend's mom gave me.

Baby Shower Gift

One of my friends had a baby over the summer and is really believes in reducing, reusing, and recycling (like me). I wanted to do something that I knew she would love. I found the blanket at a local thrift store and the one-sizes are ones that Boss Man outgrew. I dyed them the pink color then stenciled the birds and the letter "A" (the baby's first initial).

A couple of weeks before the shower, I made a pillow case dress for Sweetpeaizer and one of her friends named Double A. I had to cut a great deal off the top and did not want to throw it away therefore it became the birds of the mobile. The pattern for the mobile came from the book "One-Yard Wonders". The ring is something I bought from the local hardware store. I had the ribbon and beads on hand.

I am really happy she enjoyed them.

Quilted Coat

I have been VERY lucky to married into a wonderful family, one of which is an AMAZING aunt. I truly love this woman. Many years ago, she had her own sewing business. Now I am lucky enough to receive some amazing pieces from her.

In August, I received a box via my MIL from Aunt L. It is like Christmas for me because I never know what will be in the box. There was a quilt that I had already been cut but had enough left over for a jacket for Sweetpeaizer.

I used pattern Simplicity 9511 which is a dress, pinafore, shirt and pant pattern from the 80's. I simply used the short dress pattern, cut the back on the fold and made the front into two pieces. I made French seams and added bias tape to all the edges. I am having a friend add two button holes (because I don't like doing them). The buttons are an antique pearly white 1 1/2 inches. I will post another picture when buttons are added.

I will have to do another post with pictures of things I have made from Aunt L.

My First Wedding Party Dresses

A few years ago, a friend said that when she got married, she wanted me to make her dress.... in June, she became engaged!

I have made several things from patterns but I have never changed a preexisting pattern. All the dress are Simplicity 2884. I used the same pattern for the Bride's dress except removed the pleats from the top and widen the midriff. I also added tulle and antique lace to the lining on the bride's dress. The lining to the dress is a pencil skirt therefore I added splits to either side.

The Wedding Party

The Bridal Party

Thank you to Courtney for asking me to make the dresses. I loved doing it for you!