Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

One of my friends had a baby over the summer and is really believes in reducing, reusing, and recycling (like me). I wanted to do something that I knew she would love. I found the blanket at a local thrift store and the one-sizes are ones that Boss Man outgrew. I dyed them the pink color then stenciled the birds and the letter "A" (the baby's first initial).

A couple of weeks before the shower, I made a pillow case dress for Sweetpeaizer and one of her friends named Double A. I had to cut a great deal off the top and did not want to throw it away therefore it became the birds of the mobile. The pattern for the mobile came from the book "One-Yard Wonders". The ring is something I bought from the local hardware store. I had the ribbon and beads on hand.

I am really happy she enjoyed them.

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