Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Shirts...

Over the past week, I have made three shirts however one I messed up the sleeves. About a month ago, I was subbing at the local middle school when I over heard two girls talking about wanting to get some bloomers for their history project. I told them I could make them, that was on a Friday. The following Saturday was the local competition. That week, I made two sets of bloomers and two skirts. I hope to have pictures of these soon. The girls made it to the regional competition and now needed shirts to complete their outfits. I went online to a website,, and found JJ#6009 pattern. A good deal of the patterns on this site are free. Here are the results of two of the three shirts. A lady here, made buttonholes and attached the buttons with her machine. I really like this pattern. I will probably make me a couple.

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